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Educational Programs

The education programs are being conducted within the City of Pittsburgh through partnerships with PNC Bank, The Pittsburgh Pirates, and Duquesne University

After-School Program

This program is currently housed in partnership with Ozanam Basketball Program at the Ammon Recreational Center courtesy of City of Pittsburgh Parks and Recreation. Children are assisted with homework and mentored in life-skills by tutors provided by Duquesne University. A strong partnership with the Pittsburgh Public Schools ensures that the tutors have the appropriate tools necessary to successfully assist students with varying abilities.

Requirments: Ages 7-13

Times: Monday - Thursday 4-5:30pm



Mentoring Program

The Josh Gibson Foundation provides motivational/mentoring programming. Showing at risk children, a larger world outside of their community full of options is the goal. Motivational guest speakers are brought in from the community to speak with students about their futures, career options, and personal growth. Above all, the speakers encourage education and responsibility as the means of improving oneself.


Cultural Program

The cultural program covers many topics including: the history of organized labor in Southwestern Pennsylvania, the steel industry, the jazz age culture of the Hill District in Pittsburgh, the history of Homestead, the plays of August Wilson, and Negro League Baseball. After the instruction, learning will be assessed through a group discussion.

Group learning is facilitated through cooperative learning and KWL instruction:

What do you Know about the topic?
What do you Want to learn about it?
What did you Learn about the topic?

By using this model, the instruction is cooperative, genuine, and student-centered. Initial interest is created through the use of a motivational activity, and prior knowledge assessed. After, the students explore the educational process through questions and discussion with museum visits, walking tours, guest speakers, or performances.

Scholarship information

Click Here to download the 2024 Josh Gibson Foundation Scholarship Application pdf

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